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Installing Compass and Sass with Susy on Ubuntu

As long as gem and rvm are already set up (see RubyGems and RVM on Ubuntu), all you need to do is:

gem install compass
gem install compass-susy-plugin
gem install stitch

Most recently on Ubuntu: This worked with sudo.


Main Gotcha:
compass-susy-plugin does not show on gem list

Bringing the Sexy back to CSS: Sass, SCSS, Compass

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The maintenance of this building is pretty costly.

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I find Zen's breaking into multiple stylesheets unweildly.

CSS Extensions, as i like to call them, or you might hear them called pre-processors, they are really meta languages

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Nathan Weizenbaum— creator of Sass, when LESS just came out, "there's reason to try out both"

Dries in his keynote

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