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Beware of transactions in Drupal 7

Drupal 7's database layer makes use of transactions in several places. Be careful when you expect to see the results of node_save() outside of the scope of the current request. If someone accesses your website data before the transaction has been committed, the results of queries executed within are not visible. Either all queries succeed or nothing happens at all in a database transactions.

Seeing node information (such as content type) with a helper module that is not readily available otherwise

Finding a module
drupal node info block node information block module

if not displayed

creation date and time

creation author (user who created the node)

And also:

promoted to front page status

sticky status

node ID (NID)

published status

commenting status (enabled, read only, or disabled)

should theoretically be visible

What happened to hook_nodeapi in Drupal 7? The ultimate de-opping.

The nodeapi ops were turned into hook_node_[operation] functions, such as:

Drupal search unpublished content

No answer:
How Can I Search Unpublished Content?

Romania had a similar issue:
Can't access unpublished content that needs editing

Load a node for a template file- in exactly the same way a node object is presented to a theme

Motivation for this function: sure, we could use a plain node_load($nid) and wrap every $node->field['0']['value'] in a check_plain or the function for rendering with the proper input format (check_plain). The proper format is available to be grabbed from the data provided by a regular node_load. But that's a lot of work and not the way we're used to theming things in .tpl.php

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