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Procedure for resolving a a left-behind branch that has merge conflicts

DRAFT. Better methods from better minds invited!

Situation: Someone has been working away wonderfully on a git branch on your project. You do some crazy stuff with it over the weekend, and when they, on their continnum branch, go git pull --rebase origin continuum and get conflicts they don't know how to deal with, or when they go git fetch origin and git rebase master and have conflicts.

You want to take this off their hands.

Completely undo commits and history that should never have been

This fix is being done from a remote repository, because stuff was pushed there that shouldn't have been. However, this repository is only supposed to be cloned and not pushed to (one way one time), so we can destructively set it back to the way it should be.

cd /srv/git/agaric/siteproj.git
git reset add42b74103a4c756d7d55c4abf3d5b0ff914b0c

where that is the last good commit.

And that's it.

File this under do not do this at home.

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