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Downloading zipped tarballs of code from Gitorious

The place to download code for projects on Gitorious (as code, not as a clone of the repository) has proven difficult to find for several people, including myself.

For a project without tags and branches that you just want to download HEAD, the path looks like:

To find it, go to your project page and click for either the commit log or the source code tree of a repository, and it will add this link on the side for "Download master as tar.gz"

Searched words: 
gitorious tarballs gitorious gz gzip archive



If it weren't for this site, I would have been well and rightly boned by the confusing gitorious site.

Thanks for the help

Thanks - a quick answer

I was poking around, and I could swear gitorious shuld be giving me a link, but could not find it. This post set me on the right track.
Specifically, it seems to encourage me to remember to branch away from 'master' asap - because that's enough to give me a tarball. And getting in the habit of branching and tagging more often than I'm used to pre-git seems to be the way to go!

So thanks for this short post!
... now to find that last little link in the chain that can connect features server up with my gitorious...

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