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Linux Mint Debian Edition

Laptop inconsistently detecting and using external audio (heaphone jack) — workaround

Searching to solve this problem i found lots and lots of other problems that didn't quite sound like mine: My headphones/speakers jack seemed to have developed a loose connection for Lenovo T420 running Debian Mint. Sometimes it will stop (or not start) playing audio through the headphones, and fall back to playing through the internal speakers.

Adding an application available to Debian Wheezy to Mint (LMDE)

I very much like having an autocomplete application launcher (one button to launch the launcher, and type a letter or three to select the program you want, and enter to launch it), and Synapse is the best i've used.

With no other recommendations forthcoming from Mint Debian Edition's official package list, and with Synapse clearly stable for Debian, the need seemed clear: add Debian's packages to LMDE in a way that wouldn't cause unintended updates to Debian, rather than LMDE-released, versions of packages which they share.

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