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movie scene idea to go on power-to-exchange

on Power To Exchange
ben-agaric wants

a movie where a bank robber calmly quotes Seth Godin about the attention economy while brandishing a gun.

It's stuff like this that will make Community-Managed Taxonomy absolutely essential for PowerToExchange!

That and a decent rating system could make PowerToExchange a great spot for one-hit (or occasional hit) wonders.

Agaric Drupal Podcast Remixes: Notes

middle-to-end of Drupal podcast (#3?) - interview with Moshe Weitzman - Jeff goes on a glorious rant about time zones.

a little later:

help_edit module
drop help text right onto a page

using the help_hook

under-appreciated and underused

(Good reason-- it doesn't exist as a Drupal project at help_edit, helpedit, edit_help, or edithelp. But if Agaric can find it in CVS perhaps we can rescue it and bring it to Drupal 5 and 6 from the depths of time.)


How to make server respond to e-mail verification requests

Request for help at May First People Link here:

Hi Jamie,

You solved the problem of some e-mail servers (including an e-mail host of mine and another MayFirst member) requesting a verification of e-mail that one of the MayFirst servers wasn't responding to.

I knew I needed this for Stedile but I thought I could figure out what I needed to do from your e-mail. I was wrong!

Views FastSearch, Exposed Filters, and Table View

With this set up of Views FastSearch, multiple exposed filters, and a table view, everything shows in just the first column, rather than putting the fields in their respective columns. All the data is shown though.

Posted issue here:

No answers:

Best way for Views to efficiently size columns

A better table view?

Mass hosting and Drupal

If we go for all CivicSpace On Demand former customers, some background on their and other ways to do mass hosting:

(Nedjo, the initiator of the first two posts, is ex-CivicSpace, notably)


Web site uptime monitoring tools

These notes more refer to monitoring servers themselves:

Debian uptime measurement tools
Debian uptime measurment tools
site uptime monitoring tools


Drush subversion integration: svn add and svn commit following pm install

Posted to Drush issue queue:

Here's Agaric's workflow (ignore the lack of a link to Drush's path, we have too many Drupal installations to make that practical at the moment):

cd /var/www/drupal-5_3-live/sites/all/modules/
sudo php drush/drush.php -l pm install fasttoggle
sudo svn add fasttoggle
sudo svn commit -m "Installed fasttoggle via Drush"

High-capacity MySQL random notes

my.conf mysql max connections

grep -h oom-killer /var/log/kern.log{.0,} | cut -f1, -d: | sed 's/$/:xx UTC/' | uniq -c

aptitude install mytop

mytop -u wsf2008 -d wsf2008 -p pASsWoRd

This is just too funny.

Upload Progress Bar for Drupal

Dan says the attach file progress bar isn't good enough. People need one like RapidShare. Hmm.

ProgressBar for files upload


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