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Combining one-to-one mysql tables into a single table

Merging tables does not mean what I want it to mean-- it refers to tables with the same schema.

I simply want to join two tables into one on a unique key.

To do that very easily

These are the tables Agaric needs to condense into one:

Solar Power - a grant plan?

Dan's grant
plants do it so it's possible

if you have a solar panel that shifts with the sun
at the end of the day, with leftover electricity
solar arrays in key spots that all they do is make electricity and feed it into the grid

solar power is possible with capacitors and batteries

the real impact, like on the whole mushroom theory
[is it popping up everywhere]

and then people can't just flip the switch of [$5/hr more]

I'm just talking about the science, bottom line numbers

60 Hz, 120 V

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