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Configuring Global Redirect and Path Redirect

The modules in question:
Global Redirect:
Path Redirect:

Download and place your modules in the sites/all/modules directory of your site using your chosen method. Agaric recommends Drush.

Enable your modules at

  • Global Redirect (Searches for an alias of the current URL and 301 redirects if found. Stops duplicate content arising when path module is enabled.)
  • Path Redirect (Redirect users from one URL to another.)

Global Redirect needs no configuration. The only important thing for Path Redirect is to go to the Pathauto settings (because you do have Pathauto installed already, don't you?) at and make the following change:

  1. Click General settings to open this field set.
  2. Switch Update action: ("What should pathauto do when updating an existing content item which already has an alias?") to the new option provided by Path Redirect: Create a new alias. Redirect from old alias.

Finally installing Global Redirect and Path Auto were inspired by Kathleen Murtaugh's guide to contributed modules.


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