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Agaric wants easy listing of a site's enabled Drupal modules including missing modules

Agaric wants our sites to generate a list of enabled modules.

Update: So we made an enabled modules module.

We want each enabled module to be listed even if the module code isn't there. This is convenient when moving messy sites.

Ideally the list of modules could communicate back to a central site and let you know what's up, but that functionality should actually live with update_status.

Two similar needs means we make a module!

From the initial project page:

The enabled_modules module provides two features that serve two purposes:

  1. List all enabled modules (whether the installed code base is present or not– enabled but absent modules are flagged missing).
  2. [Not yet implemented] Provide a block showing recently enabled modules (with links to the module's administration tasks) and provide a list of recently disabled modules.

The first functionality is useful for moving sites to a whole new code base and rebuilding fresh with only the modules actually in use.

The second functionality is very useful to administrators to provide administration links to the modules they just enabled.

The latter feature is not that easy to do, as there are no hooks that I can find that fire to announce the installing, enabling, disabling, and uninstalling of modules (except to call hooks in the affected module itself). The system table itself saves no timestamp data. I am interested in hearing from anyone working on revision functionality for Drupal administration, so we can share the approach and data. I think it will have to be a form_alter function that provides its own submit handler.

Permission to 'view enabled modules'

Notes on the making of

drupal using theme_table

How to use theme_table


Searched words: 
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Also todo

Make the missing enabled modules listing a page of its own, and also a block that automatically appears on the admin/build/modules page if there is a missing module.

Been thinking about this module because I do find it useful:

Do you folks have anything I can pass along about favorite modules of yours?

>I'd love to hear what modules you find useful.
> What modules have you "discovered?" that feel
> like little--or
> big--treasures? (especially the ones that are not in the
> top 10 or 20
> here:
> [2]

My own:

I'm sure there are better practices, but I like to use it when I move a site-- either before or after-- to see exactly what modules I need to replace.

Enabled Modules Feature Request

I would like to output to a text file a list of all enabled modules.

I would also like the ability to read back such a file and automatically enable all files on that list. This would save a lot of time while doing upgrades to Drupal core, such as the upgrade from Drupal 5.9 to 5.11 which I am about to do.

Then of course if you could create the feature to disable all modules with one button that too would save a lot of time.

I was looking for this

I was looking for this functionality too. I needed it because I'm upgrading Drupal and apparently you need to turn off all your enabled modules before you do the upgrade. I needed an easy way to remember which modules to turn back on.

As a workaround I printed the "/admin/build/modules" page to a PDF file for reference after the upgrade.

Here is a feature request I found that was already in works:

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