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Ask Agaric: Where does Drupal store module dependency information?

"I can't see how drupal is storing the dependents. They are not in the system table info column."

Drupal doesn't store dependents, it gets them from the .info file each time:

CVS commands for branching a Drupal 5 module to Drupal 6

following add1sun's page:

Ebony-II:~ ben$ cd /RCS/
Ebony-II:RCS ben$ mkdir projects
Ebony-II:RCS ben$ cd projects/
Ebony-II:projects ben$ export
Ebony-II:projects ben$ cvs login

Logging in to
CVS password:

Upgrading Enabled Modules from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6


Converting 5.x modules to 6.x

Upgrading your menu system from 5.x to 6.x

Changes specific to the Enabled Modules module

Description replaced with a serialized info column in system table.

Related to Enabled Modules

There are at least two other modules in a similar space as Agaric's Enabled Modules:

(and this page will list them when i find them!)

A Drupal 4.7 snippet, List all enabled modules for a 'colophon' or 'about' page.

Using CVS for developing modules

We can commit to CVS and use it just like we use subversion to manage our sites. No more trying to develop a module in subversion and contribute changes to CVS, just do everything in CVS. It's not that much worse than SVN.

Don't believe me? Watch:

Agaric wants easy listing of a site's enabled Drupal modules including missing modules

Agaric wants our sites to generate a list of enabled modules.

Update: So we made an enabled modules module.

We want each enabled module to be listed even if the module code isn't there. This is convenient when moving messy sites.

Ideally the list of modules could communicate back to a central site and let you know what's up, but that functionality should actually live with update_status.

Two similar needs means we make a module!

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