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How to configure admin menu?

Hi Ben,

I added admin_menu to the Radical Reference site, but I couldn't find
where/how to configure it. I did manage to give full_administrators and
technicalsupport roles access to it. Can you advise? Or are you going to
make me rtfm?

Thanks, Jenna

Removing the user login block from Drupal sites

The user login block is ugly in Drupal by default, and we thought we'd posted about theming it to make it look different but apparetntly not yet (hint: you can do a whole lot with CSS, it is id block-user-0), but for lots of sites you may not want it to display at all. (LoginToboggan module can replace the login block it with a login/register link.)

For instance, your site may not have any reason for anyone log in except administrators.

Panels2 and Organic Groups

So you want to use drupal's Organic Groups module and Panels2 because you've heard through the grapevine that really slick and useful things can be done with the combo..


Well, here's what one of the experts has to say about it -->

highly recommended and very useful...

do it!

Sidebar graphics with links ("promotional badges") the Agaric Drupal way

A note of warning about the length of notes to follow: This is site configuration at the point where it verges on developer documentation, such is the power of Drupal, and there's some outright theming in here too. This article is a reaction to doing sidebar graphics the painfully non-Drupal way.

Administration menu initial settings

For the necessary admin_menu module, I prefer the initial settings to not collapse fields on the modules page

With current initial settings this means unchecking "Apply margin-top to page body" and "Collapse fieldsets on modules page." Instead of going through this step every time this should be rolled into Agaric's basic/base installation profile.


Ways to share private or pre-publication content with Drupal

Public Preview

This module allows public access to unpublished content on a per-content-type basis.

Use "edit" in CiviCRM URL to edit a new contact

Here's a sample path to create a CiviCRM signup form in Drupal:


The documentation has "create" instead of "edit". It's not clear whether the problem is that I'm already logged in to Drupal.


Why not WYSIWYG: Style and Markup for Content Management System web sites

The below is the why that goes with this how: Style content in Drupal using standard HTML tags (and have it match your custom site perfectly and meet your styling needs!)

any ideas for adding text size and color to the BUE editor = my current mission
ask them what styles they want to add
just font size
and font color

Node relativity display: do not show children

can you help me make node relativity not show the children list below the node like that?

Go to administer settings or whatever Node Relativity and click on the Display Settings tab, and change the section from a number (weight) to zero - 0 - which means don't display.


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