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What is the s/findthis/replacewiththis syntax called?

what is the s/find/replace syntax called?


that's called search and replace with regular expressions

ed is the line editor used by vi [which includes this]
sed is just a stream version of ed

s is the substitution command.

Indent lines in Vim

To indent a set of eight lines in vim, from the first one, in normal (esc) mode:


To indent a curly braces block, go to a curly brace and:


To mark and indent (using 'm' as the marking letter, the first m is the marking command):

Enter mm at the top of block to indent, go down to the end of what needs to be indented, and type >'m

Fix messy Mac-style line endings to have proper Unix text file format

In a vi text editor as reached from the command line shell with vi filename.txt or an excellent GUI such as MacVim, enter:


and your file will be beautiful, even if only parts of it were messed up with ^M non-working line breaks.

Thanks to the comment at this post.


Why not WYSIWYG: Style and Markup for Content Management System web sites

The below is the why that goes with this how: Style content in Drupal using standard HTML tags (and have it match your custom site perfectly and meet your styling needs!)

any ideas for adding text size and color to the BUE editor = my current mission
ask them what styles they want to add
just font size
and font color

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