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Drupal Calendar Implemenation with Organic Groups, Date, Views, Panals 2, Mini Panel, and Tabbed Mini Panel

Work-steps for "Calendar/Date implementation with custom view, Panels 2 mini panel and tabbed mini panel, and a theme function override for the breadcrumbs" from Patrick Phillips of the Vineyard Voice with consultation by Ted Serbinski:

In all it is a very clean and simple solution using CCK, Views and Panels 2 with a small amount of custom code. I have to thank Ted, for the 10th time, for helping me out.

Drupal new taxonomy terms not appearing as option for old content

Did you add a taxonomy term to a vocabulary and it's just not showing up on existing content, contrary to all known laws of Drupal taxonomy?

Are you also using localization (l10n) / internationalization (i18n) such that your vocabularies and (even if you don't know it) terms can declare a language?

Check the language of that term. It will rudely default to the default language of the user you are using to add the term, even if the vocabulary overall declares itself to be neutral (blank) with respect to language.

Upgrading Drupal a full number version from a cold, dead database

So we got a Drupal 4.7 database from a client without the old 4.7 code.

OK, sure, slap that directly into a fresh Drupal 5 installation, and update it, right?

Uh, errors everywhere. Can't get to the admin section, let alone log in!

Pathauto 2 is pretty picky. And a bully. What finally made it happy.

So even as the help text says raw versions are dangerous, Pathauto version 2 badgers you into using [title-raw], [user-raw], etc. So just put that in right away, and it won't yell at you.

The other trick to make Pathauto happy on the first try is that a Blog path (and other node types) does not take [user] or [user-raw]. Instead, you should put in [author-name-raw].

I expect it will get more user-friendly (and export and import of patterns would be really nice) but it's one of the must-have modules no matter what.

Super User Role Module

Agaric once had an idea for a module, "Super Role" ...

Drupal super user 1 role module

  • runs whenever modules are saved
  • gets full list of permissions, and saves it for the submin role
  • (permissions are just saved as a text string)

But happily that module has already been made!

How to configure and enable blocks in Drupal

Create some blocks first, the add block link at the top of the admin/build/block page

these blocks would be in different languages

then create a multilingual block, which will let you slot these blocks in. Again, I'm fairly certain you want something for each block even if you don't have a translation-- put another translation in.

from here on the steps are the same for any block

first, click configure next to the block

here you can tell it what pages to display on or not to display on (so you want to do this step before turning the block on)

Taking Donations With Ubercart and PayPal Express

First, install ubercart. With Drush:

sudo php drush/drush.php pm -l install ubercart

Enable all Ubercart core required modules (in alpha 9 there is a bug which only allows you to check three of the required dcore Ubercart modules, but then Drupal will give you the option to enable the fourth).

Second, enable certain Ubercart - core (optional) modules:

Making more participatory

Ben, you mentioned at the meeting that making the site more participatory might be a good idea. Just wanted to say I fully support that, would love to allow people to rate content, submit headlines (with high rated going to the front page), and submiiting blogs and articles too. Our managing editor has agreed to moderate this.

Agaric replaces Quicktags with BUEditor (both are easy ways to add HTML markup to your content)

Agaric officially considers Quicktags, though written by the great Bér Kessels, to be deprecated in favor of BUEditor.

Key features:

  • Easily create new tag types, without making a module or anything.
  • Decide which textarea form elements to show it on, and which not to.

Also nice: the link javascript dialog box is very intuitive.

Possible drawbacks's PHP input format

how does do its PHP input filter?

the one that if you put PHP tags around it it will make nicely formatted and colored code

(may have posted this question on agaric)

Thanks Lullabot!

Code Filter Renders syntax-highlighted PHP code. This module is used on

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