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Ask Agaric: User registration is disabled? How can I let people sign up?

Guys, I just did a big mail out telling people to post their ideas on
our website and then found that new users can't sign up without an
invite? "Sorry, new user registration by invite only."

This is making us look really bad - inviting participation but not
allowing it!

I don't know why this is set up to block new users, but please fix this


i18n experimentals break ability to change content type descriptions

Drupal content type description won't change


it is a story type renamed to news, and the Description changed, and it somehow got stuck as this:

News stories have a title, a teaser and a body (the teaser is part of the body and can be separated by <!--break--<). News stories must belong to an action set.

Copy a worklow-ng workflow to do same actions on create content as update

Workflow-ng has no duplicate functionality at this time, nor can you have it triggered on two or more events (or even edit the event). However, you can export the current set-up (configuration) that you like.

From the export tab: admin/build/workflow-ng/0/export

How to make a simple checkbox in CCK

To make a simple, single checkbox with a CCK field, Agaric thinks the best approach is:


Add Field


Give it a label (this is not what will appear next to your checkbox; it is what will be used as a title above it)

Single on/off checkbox

The key is the allowed values list– you need two:

0|Check this box to fill out a profile for another organization you represent.
1|Check this box to fill out a profile for another organization you represent.

Disabling locale choices in Organic Group node form

Wanted to hide the choice of Language: "Selecting a different locale will change the interface language of the group. Users who have chosen a preferred language always see their chosen language."

Also we will disable the choice of whether to subscribe to the node you create for an action (set to yes), "Receive notification of replies or comments to this node."

And disable or hide upload files? I guess not, you could attach fliers...

Or should fliers be a separate content type?

Turning English off (using a custom English) in i18n breaks redirect on login

So WSF has a customization of the Drupal English, which we gave the prefix code "eng." This doesn't look as lovely as "en" but it works fine except for one place: when logging in and using redirection, you don't get to where you're headed. It somehow defaults to 'en' and directs you to a page with an en prefix, and because that's disabled, you get page not found.

This might be the cause, in i18n.module:

Conditional workflow steps depending on user input

Going back to the organization, that's a good idea, a separate page for people who check org rep. That's a conditional redirect based on user input, which we have to look into.

The example in the documentation for the workflow-ng module suggests this is quite possible, to do different actions depending on a result of a user selection in the previous form.


How to redirect after a Drupal form by the way you link to the form

Update: A Drupal 7 approach.

Redirecting Users After Submitting a Form in Drupal 5

Agaric's extensive testing laboratory has verified that addding a string in this form works, for node 20:


When done directly in the browser. The code %2F is an interpretation of the slash, "/".

The right way:

Zing auction site recipe

Here is the recipe for the successful fundraising auction for the nonprofit community-building Amazing Things Arts Center.

This is a Drupal 4.7 site. Note that Agaric doesn't currently recommend using category module for new sites.

  • is what I actually enabled for 2007

Auction site recipe:

+ category

+ image

Agaric wants to keep en for customized English in Drupal 5

Drupal can I use a custom language at en?

We need to customize some strings for, so we have a custom localization language, eng, for our modified English. However, it seems like some modules (for instance LoginToboggan for the login at access denied redirect) may assume that en/ will be enabled for English.

Entirely unrelated:

Weird stuff in the localization translation string location:


Ghosts of work done on other computers by translators or module developers?

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