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Setup an Ubuntu Development Environment the Agaric Way

Update: See Installing Drubuntu

Use the following commands to set up a development environment on Ubuntu (8.10).

Remove the iGoogle Sidebar

For some reason, someone over at Google thought it would be a good idea to add a sidebar to the iGoogle homepage and not give ANY option to get rid of it, even though it essentially takes up 20% of the screen real estate...

Thankfully people out there know things, and because of that we have the iGoogle Sidebar Toggle Firefox add-on, chock full of features that help you. Well, just one actually, a little arrow that toggles that pesky sidebar...

Ask Agaric: Putting e-mail addresses on a site?

My spam filter is now catching close to 300 messages a day.Since my email is the only one on the website, I’m wondering if these spams are coming via the website? And is there something that can be done to stop this?

We’d like to load all the staffs emails but I won’t do it if it increases their possibility for this much spam.


If we didn't write this already, as a rule one should not have any e-mail addresses listed on a site. There are ways to obfuscate e-mails, but it's better use the contact form.

Ask Agaric: Max Allowed Packet error

Also do you know about this error?

User warning: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes query: UPDATE cache_form SET data = 'a:56:{

I haven't seen it on, I've seen it on other sites. I started one of the longest issues in the drupal issue queue from that error!

But as neither CCK nor Views are in use with the present demo site, that must be something different!

Ask Agaric: Theater ticketing system help


My name is Sam, and I just come across your NYPHP 2005 posting asking for an online ticketing system advice for a small theater. I'm in the same boat as you, and would appreciate if you could point me in a good direction. [...] this is for a local theater that the city recently purchased, restored, and is seeking to use as a community asset. A solid, low-cost/no-cost, online ticketing system is the next step of this process.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


Hello Sam,

Ask Agaric: Drupal for Artists

This question came from a fellow couchsurfer.

We are dedicating our selfs almost all summer to learn drupal and make a website for artists.

Ask Agaric: Settings for a Drupal theme without requiring a module


I've been breaking my brain over some issue and I cant figure it out so I
figured I'd check with a fellow themer(s?)!

[Related d.o. thread: ]

What I'm basically trying to do is use drupal theme settings in a file
that is not processed by drupal, and its part of a theme. I also do not
want to use any modules with it because I dont want the theme to be
dependent on a special module :)

Style within content in Drupal: use standard HTML tags

Ask Agaric: how to get colorful, styled text within the content I write?

(See also: Why not WYSIWIG.)

One request: we are trying to get more color and liveliness into the site. Can you give me the HTML code for purple font? I’d like to change all the headings in the verbiage to purple…! Thanks.

Ask Agaric: What is Linux? (No, don't ask that)
there-- the flavor of the month of Linux

what is linux?

benjamin melançon 10:11
i'm going to pretend i didn't hear that

sounds good

benjamin melançon
THE free software operating system

i still don't understand

benjamin melançon
Microsoft = Evil
Apple = Lesser Evil
Linux = Good

now you're speaking my language
it's good b/c it's free

Ask Agaric: Dvorak on a Mac

also, i have a mac, how do i get the keyboard on a mac?

Dvorak on a Mac:

Click that silly apple symbol at the top left, click System Preferences...

First line, Personal, click International, and then Input Menu.

Check Character Palette and Keyboard Viewer to turn both on.

Scroll down the alphabetical list of languages to Dvorak and select the FIRST Dvorak (not Dvorak - Qwerty)

Allow a different input source for each document has worked for me, but I'll switch it to Use one for all documents and see how that goes.

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