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Advice to Mollom

Since they asked in the latest survey, i said...

Here's an important thing we need to know: when do we get spam because Mollom's limits for the free service were reached, and when is it because Mollom isn't recognizing it?

and would most want:

Anonymous comments as DOS attack

in other news, some of our sites have been hit with a constant barrage of "?page=528&size=node550" tacked onto various urls, esp. images. It seems so purposeless thought it might be a smokescreen for an attack like POST /comment/reply/50/370 that he also sees.

Um, so yeah. Looking at the actual page showed that it was the unprotected anonymous comments, around 140,000 of them, that eventually started hurting our server...

Block all variations of a GMail e-mail address

Other projects and ideas / questions / solutions in this general ideaspaceHow can I block a spammer from repeatedly registering?

Register Pre-approved

drupal 6 delete all nodes by anonymous user

VBO (Views Bulk Operations, a great module) does an admiral job. I could only get it to work for about 250 at a time; 500 at a time didn't time out but instead weirdly caused a validation error. Also of note: Filtering by user, the autocomplete has anonymous as Anonymous even if you've renamed as Visitor or such. And there is no "anonymous" role to filter by so if going by role, it has to be an "everything but everything else" filter.

Banning IP addresses safely (not banning real users)?

Well, just googling for an IP leads you to places where they list that IP as a spammer, pretty good chance its pretty dedicated to spam.

Ask Agaric: Putting e-mail addresses on a site?

My spam filter is now catching close to 300 messages a day.Since my email is the only one on the website, I’m wondering if these spams are coming via the website? And is there something that can be done to stop this?

We’d like to load all the staffs emails but I won’t do it if it increases their possibility for this much spam.


If we didn't write this already, as a rule one should not have any e-mail addresses listed on a site. There are ways to obfuscate e-mails, but it's better use the contact form.

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