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See what Subversion repository you are drawing from with vi .svn/entries

See from what repository checked out subversion code is from by looking at the entries file in a dot SVN folder:

ben@server:/var/www/drupal-5-live/sites/$ vi .svn/entries

Here is the key line, "," from this output:


Ask Agaric: Title-only feeds with core Drupal Aggregator

Ben, can you also tell [...] how to get the RSS feed sources out of the feed. If you look at it, before each link it says "COA News" or "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" etc... which is kind of tacky. Our CDM site just shows the title of the story, which is much better.

Apparently, you just have to make one or more categories, and the category view will skip the source prefix.


About Drupal's main RSS feed

This post is about the main site feed, found on any Drupal site by adding /rss.xml to the site's main web address. (Drupal can also create all kinds of feeds for taxonomy terms and views.)

Upload limit for account reached, how do I increase?

tried uploading banner but got error "The selected file fstvbanner2.jpg can not be attached to this post, because the disk quota of 1 MB has been reached."

please make it so I can do this, remove all restrictions like this for my account


In Drupal 5, go to:

Administer » Site Configuration » File Uploads

And set max uploads in general and per user role there:

Default maximum file size per upload: MB
The default maximum file size a user can upload.

Ask Agaric: User registration is disabled? How can I let people sign up?

Guys, I just did a big mail out telling people to post their ideas on
our website and then found that new users can't sign up without an
invite? "Sorry, new user registration by invite only."

This is making us look really bad - inviting participation but not
allowing it!

I don't know why this is set up to block new users, but please fix this


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