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Zing Auction

Select multiple users to delete sorted by registration date and with one profile field (Drupal 4.7)

Side note: Deleting directly with MySQL:
DELETE p, u FROM dru_profile_values p LEFT JOIN dru_users u ON p.uid = u.uid WHERE u.created > 1317450417

On to the long obsolete main show:

If you are unfortunate enough to be doing anything on Drupal 4.7, here is a bit of empathy.

If you have a 4.7 site, it probably has a lot of spam registrations. Drupal 4.7 doesn't have a multiple user delete. And Userplus module doesn't provide a very useful list in its multiple user delete.

Commercial online auction costs

CMarket was the best there was when I looked a couple years ago, and it looks like it's gotten financially worse. Before, they stated the up-front and percentage fees, and all I remember is that we could theoretically turn a profit doing it cheaper.

Now, that's hidden in the application process, except for this ill-advised boast:

"Customers earn an average of $5 for every $1 they invest - an astounding 400% return on their investment which is why cMarket has become the preferred online auction provider for schools and nonprofits nationwide." (

Calculate the sum of an entire result set of values with a single SQL query

As tested in phpMyAdmin:

SELECT SUM( `value` )
FROM `dru_ec_product_zing_auction` AS za
LEFT JOIN `dru_node` AS n ON za.nid = n.nid

SELECT SUM(value) FROM {ec_product_zing_auction} AS za LEFT JOIN {node} AS n ON za.nid = n.nid WHERE status > 0

As actually used in a Drupal module, zing_auction:

For usability, Drupal should focus on the first relevant form field

For a basic, but nice, usability improvement Drupal, for all pages where a form is the center of attention, the first form field that people should type in should have the keyboard focus given to it.

Here's a method for doing it with JQuery:

Delete all nodes of a given content type with code ('cause, say, you're using Drupal 4.7)

Adapted from Kathleen Murtaugh's How to make mass changes to nodes in Drupal, just replacing most of the interesting parts with simply node_delete.

Code for Amazing Things online fundraising auction, the Drupal 4.7 corpse i reanimate year after year.

Zing auction site recipe

Here is the recipe for the successful fundraising auction for the nonprofit community-building Amazing Things Arts Center.

This is a Drupal 4.7 site. Note that Agaric doesn't currently recommend using category module for new sites.

  • is what I actually enabled for 2007

Auction site recipe:

+ category

+ image

Find a term ID (working around the category module) to have a node behave differently

find out what category vocabulary id drupal

probably easiest just to look in the database-- the vocabulary table lists names with vids, you can then go to the term_data table and sort by vocabulary if necessary, and look up your category by name.

Other option is to print_r everything about the category node.

For more, see:


We did it our way. Here's the messy, just-got-it-working

Really, really close to Zing Auction launch

My e-mail:

* Beauty icon up.

* I must have broken something on the minimum starting bid setting when I did the special treatment for auction items. It was all working before. Bleh. I'll fix that.

Amazing Things Zing Auction implementation detail fixes

Can anyone figure out why Category module is listing images associated with items (even though the images aren't in the category themselves)?

category module listing images
category module listing attached images of nodes drupal

Very, very strange. If you just click on the image node and edit it and save it, without changing anything, it stops being listed.

If you unpublish the image node, of course, you also get rid of it-- and can still see it in the picture.

But if you click

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