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For usability, Drupal should focus on the first relevant form field

For a basic, but nice, usability improvement Drupal, for all pages where a form is the center of attention, the first form field that people should type in should have the keyboard focus given to it.

Here's a method for doing it with JQuery:

File uploads and Drupal 5 forms

sudo svn commit -m "uploading images will work so much better with the enctype set"

The important part, the lack of which is what was making image uploads simply not work for what were at the time unknown reasons, is the last line: $form['#attributes']['enctype'] = 'multipart/form-data';. For the file form element to work, for the file to be able to upload, the entire form's encoding type has to be set to multipart.

Fieldsets in Drupal forms: FAPI 5 syntax

Drupal fieldsets can also have a description.

Multiselect forms with Drupal 5's FAPI

I always have to look this up, so here it is. Two examples for the price of one. Oh, and a link to the official Drupal 5 form documentation.

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