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Publishing from iPhoto to Drupal image gallery with iPhotoToGallery and Image Publisher module

Background searches and thoughts on iPhoto to Drupal publishing.


  1. Download and install iPhotoToGallery
  2. on your Mac.

  3. Install Image Publishing module in Drupal.
  4. (Probably needed) add this line to your conf or .htaccess: SecFilterEngine Off

@TODO ben-agaric: look up the security implications of that last line.

How to translate a Drupal site using .po (Portable Object) files

[By Thiago Bennicchio]

Hi friends,
please read the whole email before starting the work.

Now we have offline text files to translate the interface. I'm sending Judith the Portuguese file. Mathias, Leo, please tell me in which languages are you going to translate so I can send you the proper files (please reply to all so we know who's doing what).

As we talked before, we need to be very careful when dealing with this files (not to erase commas, quotes and #).

The basic structure of the files is the following:

: modules/nonon nonno ononon

Upload limit for account reached, how do I increase?

tried uploading banner but got error "The selected file fstvbanner2.jpg can not be attached to this post, because the disk quota of 1 MB has been reached."

please make it so I can do this, remove all restrictions like this for my account


In Drupal 5, go to:

Administer » Site Configuration » File Uploads

And set max uploads in general and per user role there:

Default maximum file size per upload: MB
The default maximum file size a user can upload.

Ask Agaric: Trying to deny access...

Hi there,

I am putting together a site that has very strict access requirements, there must be no access to content beyond the home page by anonymous users. To this end, I removed Anon. User 's access to Node Module content. This does the trick, no access to anonymous. However I was using 'node/1' as the home page which is now access denied :( Changing the access denied page to node/1 doesn't fix the issue either)

Ask Agaric: Drupal E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Can you list the other payment gateways?

Ecommerce has (the payment gateway I've picked as best independent of Drupal), eurobill, eway, itransact, worldpay (they're terrible, reject way too many cards), and flexicharge. Not sure if that's just a module or a service. And that's just what's included with e-commerce proper, there are third-party contrib modules also.

Best way to do this is for you to pick the payment gateway you want, odds are Drupal has already been extended to work with it.

Views FastSearch, Exposed Filters, and Table View

With this set up of Views FastSearch, multiple exposed filters, and a table view, everything shows in just the first column, rather than putting the fields in their respective columns. All the data is shown though.

Posted issue here:

No answers:

Best way for Views to efficiently size columns

A better table view?

WSF Payment system - USSF and PayPal question

Ah-- ussf-tech is on my gmail account, along with drupal-dev, drupal-this, apache-that, journalism-this.... let's just say during WSF my personal e-mail backlog, which has no mailing lists, reached 500. I would have seen this within a couple days though when I do my review ;-)

Too many redirects, page fails to load issue with i18n and Global Redirect modules

So "suddenly" developed an issue where switching the language through the CSS dropdown would result in an infinite redirect loop and no page being displayed

The output from Charles alternated between something I can't show you (a 301 redirect I think) because the very, very aggressive shareware "you must pay" nagware shut it down (saved my life, but...) and this:

Calendar views issues with breadcrumbs and arguments

Calendar view not showing
Date API views Calendar events show display

The only way to get content that has Date CCK information attachedd to it to show up is to actually add "Date: Time" to the calendar view.

Which is sort of weird.

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