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Opt-in for contact from future WSF activities so site doesn't dead-end

An aside: I was thinking it would be great if all the events like the US social forum could send their lists to be pre-registered with But they didn't ask people permission for this ahead of time, of course. Should we have a checkbox for "Let coming social forums in my area use my registration information" and/or "share with national social forum groups"?

Stopping pathauto from attempting to use special characters that end up encoding uglily

When a pattern includes certain characters (such as those with accents) should Pathauto attempt to transliterate them into the ASCII-96 alphabet? Transliteration is determined by the i18n-ascii.txt file in the Pathauto directory. This option is disabled on your site because you do not have an i18n-ascii.txt file in the Pathauto directory.


cp i18n-ascii.example.txt i18n-ascii.txt

Just to give the option. we don't have to use it.

This has to be repeated every time we update the pathauto module.

WSF2008 user menu (functionality) suggested by Pierre

Proposed user menu (functionality) from Pierre:

with some minimum rules politically communicable
and light protocols (only individual actions)

see a first proposed menu/action list

Proposed list of user Menu in

User menu in front page (all actions are one click and do not need further confirmation by anybody)


Sign the call and register at the same time

Edit my signature ( one person can have two identifiers with a same mail address

Assigning geographical coordinates to Drupal content and using it to select or sort nearby content: brainstorm

location (API, module)

location.module supports proximity searches for content. Content (i.e., 'nodes') can be tagged with a physical snail mail location (whether full or partial). What number of location fields (e.g., 'street', 'city', 'postal code', 'country', 'province') are collected for each node type (and whether they are required or optional) is configurable in the default workflow for each node type.

Change the order of the node/add menu links under create content

How do I change the order of the create content links?


Agaric thought of creating a module for this. And then we remembered that we just have to reorder their menu items. Administer » Build » Menu (admin/build/menu)

This won't help on the create content page itself, but we never visit this page. Do you? It can also be replaced with a physical page of links if you absolutely must theme this, or a module to replace the default page, but you know you don't need it.

Who can add RSS feeds, where, and how?

As-yet unresolved: which users can add RSS feeds (to action groups, or to cities, or to countries?) and how this technically is done.


Organization affiliation profile field that helps list users of one organization together

Pierre George described it best:

there is a list of self declared organisation represetnative which is highlighted , anyway the organisation is not a structural object in this site ( contrary to ) - organisation are just mentions that people declare when they sign


This will be implemented with an autocomplete taxonomy.

Replacing Blog pages with a View

weird issue: our blog view after upgrading the site from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5 is not in chronological order of posting.


Replacing blog.module with views

Wow, that worked really, really well. We just created the view through the views user interface (modifying tracker, which already had user arguments built in) but the Agaric blog looks great, for me too.

Creating cities as required

I am really leaning toward trying to create cities and countries as a taxonomy.

As a community-managed taxonomy.

With instantly showing up, but the ability to merge later.

A location-enabled vocabulary. Or a node-linked vocabulary, with the nodes location-enabled.

The benefits:

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