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RDF options in Drupal

Ask Agaric, from a semantic web mailing list:

I need to redo a few websites I've been totally neglecting and obviously wanted to to have RDF support in the software. Does anyone have opinions on which sort of Wiki or CMS system has either good plugins or built in support for metadata management and embedding? I've been looking at Drupal and Mediawiki so far. My hosting service doesn't support anything well except PHP based systems, which is a shame as I really don't like PHP.

Opinions? Experiences?

Drupal has a lot, although much is in development, alpha, or beta; here are some leading modules (what Drupal calls plug-ins) relating to RDF:

Here's all modules tagged with RDF, but you'll want to log in to in order to filter these by Drupal version (you want Drupal 6) -

And don't worry, PHP likes you!




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