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Powering Drupal search with Apache Solr

After having spent some weeks in the US with my colleagues from Natick, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, I am back in Germany now. We went to DrupalCon DC together which turned out to be an inspiring event for a Drupal newbie like me. One of the sessions I attended was More than search; how ApacheSolr changes the way you build sites by Jacob Singh.

What is Solr? Here's what the developers say:

DrupalConDC Drupal Association session

[This is a blog not a note on Agaric because it contains my opinion and not the elusive collective opinion... not that any of my notes have that either]

Question about why the Drupal trademark is not transferred to the Drupal association.

Dries replied:

The Drupal Association could decide tomorrow to throw me out.

If it comes to a split...

Frankly the other party should pick a new name. But there is an agreement between [the Drupal association and Dries for use of the name for the purpose of protecting it.]

End paraphrase.

DrupalConDC AJAX

Asynchronous Data with Drupal:

Turns browser and site into

Live chat system used for Bill Moyers.

He is moving fantastically fst, get this presentation's slides!!!

Booting Up: Initial state
- build object-level data into the DOM
- keep your HTML working-- degrade as nicely as possible

building an array oflinks

DrupalConDC Selling Drupal Services

The way that you deliver is as/more important than what you deliver.

We sell comfort. We make our customers feel good.

How many send a note after the first meeting? How many handwritten?

Attention to detail that you notice when you're selling your business.

We tell them:

DrupalConDC The Future of Callbacks

Chx presenting.

Menus and block is similar

  • Page matcher (admin/* or admin/% oh well hmm)
  • Multiple ways to control access
  • D7: Just pieces of the page array

In Drupal7 the whole page is a renderable array, and the regions are just pieces of the page array. The center, content region is handled by the menu system, and the other regions are

They are so similar I will dare to say that they have duplicated code.

So let's unify them.

DrupalConDC Caching

The star or asterisk (*) clears everything

Memcache actually looks at how many daemons you are running, creates a hash that goes across them, and makes it configarable
it uses an object orientation

Earl Miles has made OO more palatable to the Drupal community through the

Larry Garfield has handlers implementation


Using Git for Drupal development discussion

A gig and a half is all of core and contrib.

Drupal core with all of its history is 23 megabytes in a git repository.

Sticky write permissions forces new directories
chmod g+ws -r files

I show people the contents of this directory where I have index.php1, index.php2, index.php3, and why this [is a pain].

Before we even get into the benefits of collaboration.

P not moving toward git until moves toward a DVCS

That's why I have the system with a git copy

It will not be trivial.

@TODO Drupal core improvement bring back settings.php

webchick agrees!

What I want to do [get rid of default.settings.php]

and put the database settings in db.php

[that's what i do!]

[my caveat:]
you want to include db.php last so that you can override anything in settings.php site specifically

recommendation is that settings.php be version controlled and db.php not be.
[which is exactly my method :-) ]


DrupalConDC Accessibility birds-of-a-feather

People on our staff each use the screen reader differently. You don't get consensus in even how to do user testing. A person who is blind from birth vs. not or technically adept vs. not. Different from a sited user occasionally trying a site with a screen reader.

People with limited mobility not using a mouse.

We need users who represents people in each area.

DrupalConDC RDF bof

Stéphane Corlosquet presented
Robert Douglass and
Frank Febbrarro
also did a fair amount of talking

We have an array

because it's a triple because this object is, and anything can happen

$node->rdf = array(
'type' => 'sioct:Weblog',
'title' => 'dc:title',
'body' => 'sioc:content',

The object is take that key and look it up.

so in order:

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