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Organic Groups in Drupal 7 does not use entity IDs as group IDs

Update: Here is the code we currently use, abstracted into a helper function with lots of comments but it's really just two lines:

 * Get the group ID for a given node.
 * Helper function for Organic Groups: an easy way toget a gid without loading
 * a full group.  Borrowed from within og_get_group().
function agaricutility_get_gid($nid) {
// Note: Caching is handled within og_get_group_ids().
if ($gids = og_get_group_ids('node', array($nid))) {
// We don't use the entity ID directly, as it might change. For example, if
    // a node is a translation of another node that is a group, we need to load
    // the other node. og_get_group_ids() returns the correct entity ID as the
    // key, so we will use that.
$correct_etid = key($gids);


Instead of re-using entity IDs (such as node ID) as group IDs, in Drupal 7 Organic Groups has its own group ID sequence.

You can see this quite plainly in the {og} table (after a debugger has prompted you to realize that the gid was 2 instead of 345).

mysql> select * from og;
| gid | etid | entity_type | label                                             | state | created    |
|   1 |  357 | node        | This is a something or other                      |     1 | 1313484117 |
|   2 |  345 | node        | Dream Hub Yongsan International Business District |     1 | 1313492550 |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Yet looking at node 345 in a debugger, it has an entry in line with all the field_*s called group_group, with value [und][0][value] equal to 1... instead of 2. Weird. Currently i trust the database more. Ah! That field thing is just whether the node is a group or not, nothing to do with its ID.

There is no Views relationship for connecting a member of its group to the group, unless you already know this secret group ID. Ridiculous. (When starting with a files-based View, anyway; there's a @TODO about doing all entities.

og_get_group_ids() technically has the matching group ID and node ID ("entity ID") in it, keyed by entity ID. The API function to use is:

og_get_group($entity_type, $etid[, optional stuff])

For example, to get the group ID of a node you can do:

= og_get_group('node', $node->nid);
$gid = $group->gid;
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