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Transfer sites to new server checklist

Transfer sites from old host to our new server steps.

  1. Create a new site with Agaric's addsite script. (Really? OK. addsite example
  2. Create a database for the site. Check if it exists first
  3. Download our old-server site's theme and add it to directory, done.
  4. Check out to live-sites, done.
  5. Copy over or create the empty files directory, done.
  6. Copy over the plain settings.php from test-sites (we missed this so our settings.php is currently in live-sites/default).
    NOTE: If a test-to-live script can do this only if files and settings.php do not exist that would be fantastic
  7. Export our old-server site's database, change the table prefixes to our standard (find-and-replace in a text editor), and import via phpMyAdmin into database created in step 2. We ought to delete cache_ data (but not the tables themselves) in this process.
  8. Edit settings.php manually or use the Drupal installer to make it-- it will notice that the database is populated and not overwrite tables.
  9. Download sites/ from old server and upload to new.

Extra note: to prevent downtime, we use a spare domain or subdomain and symlink it to the directory of the site,, that we are going to move over once it all works.


For the command line,

For the command line, non-phpMyAdmin way to copy databases, see:

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