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Download and install Drupal in one step

Drubuntu has a 'site add' functionality, but aside from being limited to Drubuntu it does as a multisite (no thanks) with the site's settings.php and files weirdly symlinked to a directory sitting alongside the download itself. (Ah, i just realize that it probably adds all sites to this one multisite.)

Simplify Drupal by Building Core Features with Building Blocks

It takes a very long (and enlightening and entertaining and informative) article to get there, but Jeff Eaton makes the key point which i think we all know in Drupal but can have trouble expressing. This is the key big picture for very many of our Drupal 8 initiatives:

Gotcha: drush sql-sync does not drop existing tables

When you run drush sql-sync you do not have exactly what is on your example production site. Tables that do not exist on production but do exist on your local development site will still exist.

You need to drop all tables in the database, or simply drop and re-create the database, first.

Drupal development modules

Agaric has added the following modules to our development git repository. Alphabetical order:

Drupal Test to Live

2006 July 10: Drupal: Enterprise Edition | Nick Lewis: The Blog

Nick Lewis on needs for moving data from test to live, with Bér, MerlinOfChaos, others weighing in.

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