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Mission statements and branding of various Drupal shops

Drupal shops, front pages and about pages as of June 3, shops separated by ***

Lullabot provides consulting and training for Drupal and other open source software. We know all the buzzwords and can provide friendly expert guidance on your next web project. [featuring a graphic with the "Give a man a fish.." saying, and then the Drupal logo at the start of the text]

We are Drupal experts. We write books and articles, publish videos, and roll out weekly podcasts about Drupal and building web sites. With our public and private training, as well as ongoing consulting relationships, we don't just teach you how to fish, we give you the boat, the pole and a well stocked pond to fish in.

We work with decision makers, developers, and designers at all stages of a web project. We've got lofty ideas, pragmatic advice, and experience with best practices to solidify your project and let you stop worrying.

We've guided development of sites for MTV UK, Sony Records, Lifetime Television, The George Lucas Educational Foundation, Leo Laporte's TWiT network, Ringo Starr (link from, Participant Productions, Fearless Living and many others. Our approach to education and consulting, as well as our commitment to our clients proves itself time and time again.

Ready to strap a rocket engine to that boat of yours? Give us a holler and we'll stock the pond!

We analyze your goals,
craft sustainable solutions
and execute them to completion. [with not the best-advised use of browser justified text, at least in Firefox, and a growing plant drawing between the paragraphs]

We are a team of communication experts and software developers who devise innovative ways to use technology to help organizations communicate better and further their impact. We join with the organizations we serve, develop new communications strategies and help execute them. We only take on a handful of clients each year, looking to build long-term partnerships with each one so we can creatively work together to address real world communications challenges. Our focus on results, combined with our expertise in online communications strategy and knowledge management, has us solving some of the toughest communications challenges with solutions built with Drupal.

We specialize in building simple and elegant tools that get to the root of our clients’ communications problems and achieve powerful results. Our projects have raised awareness about poverty for the United Nation’s Millennium Campaign, increased policy makers’ access to environmental information for World Resources Institute, and connected the World Bank’s geographically dispersed programs, to name a few.

Zivtech is an Open Source Web Development and Support shop located in Philadelphia, PA

Zivtech is passionate about Drupal and the Open Source Movement, and that creative energy infects everything we do. We love building robust and cutting edge online applications, creating and empowering communities, and working within one of the most amazing professional communities in the world.

Our active participation in the Drupal community pushes us to write and share great code, help throw Drupal events, and mentor and train new Drupal talent. It also means we know about all of the latest developments and trends, which modules work well, and which ones should be avoided. Working with other developers in the community, we push the code our clients need toward becoming part of the Drupal project, ensuring an upgrade path for our clients in the future.

[and lots more, at plan / build / / support at the bottom of the page, and also an about link that largely repeats the front page: ]

[Totally fails. And I like some of the people I know there and they're the closest to a model for a collective structure in the Drupal ecosphere, but their about text is all graphics]

Openflows Community Technology Lab is a professional network of developers, consultants and researchers committed to bringing cutting edge open source software solutions to NGOs and progressive community organisations. All our clients are unique, and so are our solutions.

From our central offices in New York City a network of collaborators stretches across North America and beyond. We believe that open source software is not just technologically superior, but that free access to information and open collaboration is what the internet was meant to be used for.

[No real about text on the front page, rotating graphics or flash, very much an implied we ARE drupal message]

Drupal Rocks!

Drupal is a wildly popular social publishing system that blends web content management and social media capabilities with a massive library of powerful extensions - all supported by a thriving open source community.

[link is sort of buried in the middle of primary links, this page also has a video]

Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system.

With over two million downloads since inception, Drupal is used by web developers worldwide to build sophisticated community websites. Diverse organizations use Drupal as their core social publishing system for external facing websites and internal collaboration applications.

As a member of the global Drupal community, Acquia helps accelerate Drupal usage by contributing to the advancement of the core technology and offering products, services and technical support to simplify the deployment and management of Drupal websites.

[Palantir doesn't even own, i just discovered. It's not being used, maybe we should buy it for them. They also have a low profile in the Drupal community given the incredible people they employ, and the "we will employ you for life" , but I rather like their branding.]

Founded in 1996, Palantir® is a Chicago-based firm that has developed a full range of custom interactive Web sites, database applications, and software. Our goal is to change the way people share information by employing new media technologies that empower and enable end-users through seamless, highly functional interactive experiences.

[More: ]

You need help with a large web project.
We do that.
A lot.

Tree House does custom development and theming of high-traffic, CMS-driven websites for some big names. We also stick around to help the sites grow after they launch. If you need it, we'll help you decide what your site should be before we build it.



pingVision provides interactive design and development services for all media. Our specialties include Drupal design and development for the web, graphic design, and DVD/broadcast design.

Four Kitchens

[This is my surprise favorite, including the Blog Series and From the Blog graphics that make "The hidden costs of proprietary software" and "Drupal's security vulnerability reports are not a sign of weakness" look like unarguable works of research.]

Drupal development and consulting from Four Kitchens

Four Kitchens is a turnkey, one-stop solution for building big websites. Our work is handled almost entirely in-house in Austin, Texas, by experts in design, development, scalability, and user experience.

But we don’t just build websites. We also provide consulting for everything from project oversight to individual components and emergency fixes. If your Drupal website is slow or crashing your server, our optimization experts can enhance its performance by implementing long-term solutions. No bandages!

Our free-culture philosophy

We are firm believers in the power of open source, collaboration, and communities. All of our work is licensed under a GPL, AGPL, or Creative Commons license. Our clients share this belief, and it’s resulted in reams of code, knowledge, and documentation contributed back to open-source projects — not to mention millions of dollars saved in closed-source licensing fees and service contracts.

Drupal and CiviCRM specialization

While we are familiar with several open-source content management systems, we are best known for our work with Drupal and CiviCRM. Our web chefs maintain dozens of Drupal modules and themes, submit countless patches, and are highly active in community message boards and chat rooms.
What does “Four Kitchens” mean?

Building a website is like preparing a feast. It requires a team of people with specialized and complementary skills working in parallel to create something that lots of people will enjoy. It’s part art, part science, and all about preparation.

Our name reflects this approach to web development and design — and our sense of humor. You see, our web chefs aren’t just a bunch of geeks. We’re a bunch of web geeks.

Planet post that I was on when the overall site presentation caught my eye: