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Agile for Drupal core: within-major-version API additions as a key element to the Drupal Developer Experience (DX)

We (the Drupal community) cannot expect webchick to look even once at anything that isn't truly needed for D7's release at this point.

But i think we cannot tell exportables and other developer experience issues to go to hell for the next year or three either.

Tokens in Drupal 7 session by Jeff Eaton

(Jeff Eaton kicks off.)

Canonical use for token is mailmerge.

User mail is hardcoded system in Drupal 6, it doesn't use token.

Pathauto. Everyone is using it, or should be.

Immediately we proposed it for inclusion in Drupal core. More than three years ago.

Really, it wasn't good enough for core.

Organization: An all-you-can-eat buffet of crazy-- too many modules made tokens available, with all different names, and no categorization.

Code reuse: Date formats are hell.

Minor race condition in Drupal: If you create admin account through regular screen then finish wizard, it breaks

Discovered a race condition type bug in Drupal... if you register another account while the superuser account screen has not been submitted yet, and you use the same username and password for both screens,
things break when you submit the final page of the site setup process, and you can't login as the superuser.

Only as the other user you made.

Which has no powers.

This can be fixed by changing uid 1 from its placeholder values to the username and e-mail address you want, and changing the status from disabled (0) to enabled (1).

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