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Scaling and Performance consulting

Stefan's recommended approach:

For performance consulting, begin by asking whether they have high server load or just slow page loads. In the latter case we must first find out if it's the server or something else yslow can tell you.

In the case of high server load you should ask for the slow log. It would be nice if they had monitoring data for cpu ram and so on. Don't ask for full access to the data first. Some companies are really cautious about that and it's not necessary to get access for a starter.

Can Drupal scale to 100 users?

I was talking about SCF and Drupal yesterday with someone I'm working with on another project, and he said he finds Drupal difficult to scale. He thinks that it's not capable of handling more than 100 users. If that's true, that would be a major concern for [our project]. What has been your experience regarding scaling issues with Drupal?

My first response to that was in internet-speak: LOL.

Then I recovered my professional self:

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