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Druplicon is a Feature (Embedded Media Field Overlay Post)

A Drupal mask over thumbnails...

"A strange bug with the last version, ie a span tag wich appears over thumbnails"

It's a slightly scary Druplicon.

AlexUA: "This is a feature, and you can disable it on the main Emfield configuration page."

By the way... the Problem this Update Fixed, and the Drupal Problem-solving Approach

Go to the page of the module that has the problem.

Emfield video thumbnails disappearing

This is incorrect

Just update to the latest version. See for the fun story behind it.

Emfield module must be configured to have a custom directory to store its thumbnails in, otherwise the thumbnails are put in sites/default/files as temporary files (status zero), and are cleared out when cron runs.

Embed BlipTV videos with emfield module: use file URL, not embed code

Agaric's (ok, Ben's) patent pending Solution-first, random notes after, presentation:

Use the file URL, not the embed code or play URL or anything else.

You can get the file URL by clicking on "This episode's permalink" - that's the URL you want to use.

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