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Fastest way to get just one result from a database table in Drupal

To get a single value result – one row from a just one column – the Drupal function for that is db_result(), which takes the result of db_query() as an argument.

(The same function works for Drupals 4.7 and 6.)

So the fastest way to get a single result (please pardon the awkwardly named function) would look like this:

function field_placement_txt_field_get_cck($node_type, $txt_field_name) {
$cck = db_result(db_query("SELECT cck FROM {field_placement_txt_field} WHERE type = '%s' AND txt = '%s'", $node_type, $txt_field_name));

Update in Drupal 7 (haven't tested this yet, may be typos):

= db_query("SELECT cck FROM {field_placement_txt_field} WHERE type = :node_type AND txt = :txt_field_name", array(':node_type' => $node_type, ':txt_field_name' => $txt_field_name))->fetchField();

More commonly you may want ->fetchAllAssoc(). See db_query() in the Drupal API, especially people's comments.

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Thanks, forgot the name of

Thanks, forgot the name of the function and here it is. Very relevant title for search engine :P.

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