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How Clientside Validation's JavaScript Works

Everything added as a method only exists elsewhere as a type of rule (in PHP). See for example these searches.

Drupal AJAX caught rendering (parts of) the form rather than just inserting returned HTML

Seriously, Drupal, what the hell?

This code is the callback for an #ajax property on a form element. The HTML returned replaces the HTML provided. That all works. What gets tricky is the form validation function being called and getting the error.

Drupal 7 Advanced AJAX Tips and Tricks, presentation by Earl Miles at BADcamp2010

Slides and code:

Drupal 7 combined the existing system with one Earl wrote for CTools.

Not covering form today (#ajax). Earl doesn't like

How you build an AJAX request and what that means.

How do you respond to an AJAX request: server-side, PHP code. 'delivery callback'

Check for duplicate titles of a node with AJAX to warn immediately before entering more data or submitting

Attached is a custom module that piggybacks on Unique Field and steals most of its other code from username_checkUsername Check.

Commit message: "Working Unique Field AJAX enhancement for node titles. Pretty sweet. It doesn't take away the duplicate warning when you change the title to not be duplicate, but it does change to a green checkmark (courtesy of the username_check module from which I also stole most of the code)."

Below, tales from

Load new content via AJAX and change the URL

Agaric wanted to know how to have a photo album where pictures would load when selected, without re-loading the rest of the page. The goal is to have the chosen picture load (with JQuery effects and any other coolness without a full page refresh) but to also have the URL in the address bar updates so people have a unique link back to the image.

Facebook does this, and the next time I was catching up on my friends' new album additions at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I had to view source and see what was going on.

What looks like the key javascript code is copied below.

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