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Registration Flow

Better Registration and Login Workflow for Drupal 8, allowing logging in or registering while posting content

Better Registration / Login Workflow

A DCSF (DrupalCon San Francisco) Developer Talk Proposal, revised and updated for DrupalCon Chicago, based on a longstanding Drupal usability wish.

PowerPoint presentation from Core Conversation (available in other formats on request).

Not just Agaric wants Registration flow

From an e-mail from a person trying to use the old Drupal 4.7 auction module:

> Also, I though that it would be more logical to make Bid now link
> available from the start and when user clicks it, he asked to login or
> register depending on the user access settings.
> Does it look more logical to you? Otherwise, user has to guess that he
> needs to login to bid...

You have hit on my biggest Drupal wish, and I will definitely be working on it along with the Drupal 5 auction!

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