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Agaric Wants Registration flow: Let people register or log in while posting content

Proposal submitted to DrupalCon Chicago Core Conversations track (more or less).

See also:

Getting Registration Flow

This still isn't done really well, and Agaric hopes to put together a code sprint (and then some?) to make this happen.

Need more reasons? Here's a few hundred million: Fascinating article on how one ecommerce site removed user registration and saw a 300M increase in revenue (via Dries).

UPDATE: Someone's gone and done it: Inline Registration (inline_registration)

See also

And better, inline registration put together with Rules.

Registration flow, workflow registration, viral registration- call it what you like, just let people register or log in at the same time as they post their first content on a site!

Notes and other approaches

The Sign-Up Problem (SUP) module

A different (better? complementary!) approach: match anonymous posts with a user when that person later registers.

Lazy registration (lazyreg) module

Closest thing out there, finally found, is a 4.7 module called Lazy Registration:

Ideally register-or-login-while-posting should be combined with ajaxified log in, register, and password reminder forms -- that can pass info back and forth to one another without leaving the page with the content. The password reminder (and non-instant logins) would result in content being quarantined until the e-mail address / password reset is confirmed.

So Lazy Registration looks like the best base.

Tangentially Related Notes

(just slightly, actually asking for already login toboggan functionality)

Someone who seems to be more talk than walk on this thread claims this exists, but maybe it is easy, if no content is being posted

redirect to last page visited after registration

CMT, workflow registration, funding pool

We're not alone! People write to us and say they want to start using our sites before the registration wall hits:

Three lines of tentative code:

registration_flow_form_alter($form_id, &$form) {
  // gets called for every form Drupal builds
  if($user->uid == 0 && $form_id != 'user_login_block' && $form_id != 'user_login') {
  /* TODO: replace above with node and comment submission form IDs */
    // add the entire logintoboggan registration form...


Version 5 of Lazyreg

I've posted a patch to upgrade lazyreg to 5.x and working on 6.x

If you get a chance you can help test and provide feedback.


oops forgot the location of the patch.

Rules to the rescue!

See: Lazy registration / Post content first then register user

TODO: Make this a feature and post it to d.o.

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