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Not just Agaric wants Registration flow

From an e-mail from a person trying to use the old Drupal 4.7 auction module:

> Also, I though that it would be more logical to make Bid now link
> available from the start and when user clicks it, he asked to login or
> register depending on the user access settings.
> Does it look more logical to you? Otherwise, user has to guess that he
> needs to login to bid...

You have hit on my biggest Drupal wish, and I will definitely be working on it along with the Drupal 5 auction!

My old version of the auction, based on phpBB-auction, had the ability to register *while* bidding, and it's a constant source of amazement and frustration for me that Drupal doesn't have this ability yet! And I've offered to pay to have it added, to core or Login Toboggan or anywhere.


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