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AJAX Form Messages

How Clientside Validation's JavaScript Works

Everything added as a method only exists elsewhere as a type of rule (in PHP). See for example these searches.

Fresh Background Research on Inline Form Messages for Drupal

Both AJAX and just JQuery
drupal inline form validation

Drupal 7-ready, already been in existence and tested in Drupal 6:
which uses:

Core Form Messages to AJAXify

Messages to AJAXify with a helper module to

Error messages to AJAXify-- why wait until you submit the form to know this?

The first ones are relevant
* "The username cannot contain multiple spaces in a row."
* username taken (both these handled by )
* optional duplicate title warning

Exportable Entity Content

See Form Messages.

Principle: On a site with multiple administrators, "Configuration is Content".

Manifesto posted

Drupal AJAX caught rendering (parts of) the form rather than just inserting returned HTML

Seriously, Drupal, what the hell?

This code is the callback for an #ajax property on a form element. The HTML returned replaces the HTML provided. That all works. What gets tricky is the form validation function being called and getting the error.

Storage structure for AJAX Form Messages

By using field storage, we get access to translation.

We've defined the info files, made them dependent on the core module. That was fun!

Caching is fun to implement, but try to hold off until you have all your functionality in place. As someone somewhere surely said (OK, it was Donald Knuth), "Premature optimization is the root of all evil."

We could define our form messages as a nested array analogous to menu definitions— a form ID,

Fields offer the advantage of understanding translation for user-entered data. Therefore, using fields, there's a potential

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