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Mobile presentation by Jason Chinn, BADcamp 2010

i asked about Opera:

Jeff Robbins:
Opera is the browser on alternate devices

they're very compatible

nowadays when they talk about Symbian - Nokia's OS

currently, in the marketplace, most people have android or iphone, and it's the same browser.

i don't know how much is from Rob, and how much from google…
super old school. just works
can switch site by URL

Page caching is terrible - with the first anonymous user to cause the page to be cached,

if someone wants you to do auto switching, make sure you have full control of their server, have it go to some kind of subdomain, shared database

80% iUI / 20% rocking CSS

browsecap tries to figure out exactly what your browser is
Opera mobile and the model of phone- and have it redirect to, say, and have it the same site but give a different theme

Jeff did it for Lullabot back in the WAP days.

On IRC with Jacine coincidentally, she explains how she's doing mobile compatibility with media queries.

page caching separate for different domains of a drupal site came up. Fox and i think that Drupal core already keeps a distinct cache for each domain name (looking at cache_page, it's keyed by full URL)

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