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Cache expiration in Drupal 7

On admin/config/development/performance

Minimum cache lifetime
Cached pages will not be re-created until at least this much time has elapsed.
Expiration of cached pages
The maximum time an external cache can use an old version of a page.

What exactly does each mean?

This is quite a major point of confusion for Drupal 6:

How to enable the search box in Open Atrium

It's enabled by default. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper left area of the screen to reveal the form textfield.

Not that I would need to search the web to find an obvious element of the user interface... but really, OA, clicking to be able to type in the text box is a usability fail for something as important as search. The 15x50 pixels are available.

Drupal messages should not disappear before a page load

May i just say how much i hate the apparent alleged feature of Open Atrium of making messages disappear after about three seconds. What the heck is with that? The message was put there for a reason. So i know if i submitted the form already even if i come back after 5 minutes. So that i can read it and understand and maybe even click a link in it.

Do not link to the page we are currently on

Is this a generally accepted concept that links on a page should never go to that page itself?

Found this: "No link in a menu should simply reload the page itself"

How to do it:

Menu System - Drupal API

Use checkboxes for multiple select form elements

Checkboxes are more user-friendly than multiple-select option form field.

Taxonomy Super Select seems to be the popular choice.

Better Select worked better for our needs, however:

Fortunately, it has a node form only option. It also has an always save parent also option! All under Administer » Site Configuration » Better Select.

Note that Content Taxonomy would also be an option for this functionality.

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