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Typography example page for Drupal sites

Typography test page, such as here:

People are operating off a template pasted into a node, it seems, and while copying the source should work fine there must be the original example and it could be made a module :-)

Update: I've done a simple version of this module.


A Drupal 6 version of this module is attached. It is identical to the Drupal 7 module except the 'core' directive in the .info file has been changed to say 6.x ;-)

Others in the space

Naturally, it's immediately after you make a module (in consult with others in public!) that the prior art is discoverd ;-)

Code to cut and paste:

And the answer to it all? Jacine and Sun's coming entry:

And then there's Ken Rickard's Styleguide:

Styleguide is probably the most similar to this experiment, and it's extensible.

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