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MAMP MySQL connection problems

Getting Drupal to connect on MAMP

I had to use the host name instead of localhost, and to provide the non-standard port number.

host: Ebony-II.local
port: 8889

Note: the host name will be whatever your computer calls itself plus .local, you can get it exactly from MAMP's PHPMyAdmin under system variable settings or some such (a huge long list of settings, that is not the run-time settings one).

I changed a line in php.ini --

Ask Agaric: Can we add a menu item that...

Once some people get a little familiar with doing things with Drupal, it seems all further requests come as subsidiary requirements of the important thing: creating a menu item.

That's not really where I, as a web developer, want to come in on the conversation.

Someone tell me, am I making sense? What should I say?

More broadly: what should the relationship be, what should we as the alleged experts be asking our clients to do, in circumstances where their own inclination or financial situation is such that they need to do as much as possible themselves?

Unuplugged: a Drupal offline synchronization module (idea)

Initial vision:


The Drupal synchronization module

The Drupal Synch module

  • knows that when it last synched you are at node 253, user 43, comment 422, etc...

Logs, configuration settings, installed modules etc. could - should - be one way, from the server to your offline Drupal.

offline to server and back

Drupal 6 dumps the sequences table: implications?

Drupal 6 has the database handle sequences. This may make it harder for Unplugged to do its thing.

Not really though.

Drupal Test to Live

2006 July 10: Drupal: Enterprise Edition | Nick Lewis: The Blog

Nick Lewis on needs for moving data from test to live, with Bér, MerlinOfChaos, others weighing in.

How to apply a patch to a Drupal module

Following the Drupal documentation on applying patches.

The module localization client, originally developed for Drupal 6, needs a patch to the Drupal core module, locale (note that while locale is core it is also optional and disabled by default).

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