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May Western Mass Drupal Meetup Notes

Here is a breif outline of what I went over

Feed API module as a use case
setting up feeds
-linking to content types
-mapping fields
-views integration
setting up a point and click blog site with google reader, and things like it

other features on
- jquery image resizing (code for that is below)
you basically just make a plugin with the code below in a js file, and then use the call to use it
place the following in a file called jquery.maxside.widthremix.js

jQuery.fn.maxSide = function(settings) {
// if no paramaters supplied...
settings = jQuery.extend({
maxSide: 100
}, settings);
return this.each(function(){
var maximum = settings.maxSide;
var thing = jQuery(this);
var thewidth = thing.width();
            var theheight = thing.height();

if (thewidth >= theheight) {
                if (thewidth >= maximum) {
                        width: maximum


now you can use the following call to use it

$(".node .content img").maxSide({ maxSide: "515" });

webform theming

the webform form tpl
the webform email tpl
- the markup field
how to do the specific fields
more instructions in the THEMING.txt file in the webform module dir, check it out

theming popups

the files
adding to info
the css
accepts cufon

the module -
the DCDC session vid -


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Thanks for posting that. It was a great presentation!

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