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Community Supported Agriculture
17 people here.

Who is interested in building the tools, and who just in deploying them?

Filter it through recipe suggestions.

Any CSA with capital resources?

About 2,000 CSAs in the U.S. About half, maybe, have web sites. Most do not have interactivity-- many have probably paid a chunk of money on this.

Do most CSAs have work shares? That's a coordination problem for farmers, dealing with these

Me: a distribution versus a site?

A CSA profile is fine with me -- you can deploy as many as you want.

I have unlimited computing resources for good stuff like feeding people.

Ben and I went to this Taxonomy code sprint with Encyclopedia of Life

i might not be there in 4 or 5 years -- important that farmer has ownership

look into: government grants -- they are all about funding IT and agriculture

Me: must keep up on the places where data sharing makes sense:
* taxonomy of foods
* rather than tying our recipe collection to the CSAs, build an interface to one or more recipe sites (even if we have to build the site ourselves, the recipe site should be a service that works with the CSA sites).

How many people are involved in their local Drupal user group? Another way to do this is to coordinate a Drupal user camp.

I think this also spreads Drupal, and gives people a chance to do Drupal for the farms that can afford it as a workshare.

Everyone who is a member of a CSA could write their user story.

Multilingual important

Share-swapping (for traveling) and share-splitting

I've been using Spud instead which is not a good alternative.

Is each box a node? Or the week

Ours is set as a market, you still buy what you want?

More features:
- purchasing shares, other things; donations
- multimedia - photos, video; see The Real Dirt on Farmer John
- ways of managing relationships with members

Disintermediate the relationship between shareholders - now the relationship is only through

My farmer distributes to some restaurants and groceries.

Map with drop-off locations.


When I get a box, can it be posted on my Facebook or Twitter

Gregory: Western Mass, before or after the 27th of June.

Really interested in Semantic Web, RDF stuff

one main site, with everyone else using it

species and varieties -- then it would be a real taxonomy

Where I left off I e-mailed Cyndy - there was a basic taxonomy stuff, for this purpose, we can pick a different standard

then there's seasonal information

there's supposed to be semantic markup for what happens when

I want to do a cofee shop - write on little message boards thing

If people are talking about crows, mapping that.
Me: mulberries

started these little books, field guides, attached to the thing that goes in the coffee shop

in the next step ready to start



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