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CTags and Vim

Thanks in part to


(If not already installed: sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags)

ctags -R -f ctagstags --languages=php .

In .vimrc,

set tags=ctagstags;/

In .bashrc

# Alias for creating CTags file, to run from the base of your Drupal project
alias dtags='ctags -R -f ctagstags --languages=php .'

To find the definition of the function, you put your cursor on the function name and press ctrl+]

Or, when in vi, you can type the name:
:ta name_of_function

To go back to the file you were just in:
ctrl + o

When on the command line, you can open the file and jump to the function declaration in Vim with:

vi -t name_of_function

To rebuild your tag index, go to the root directory of your project and use the alias:


For other Bash and Git improvements
see /etc/bash_completion.d/git

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ctag original function body declaration


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