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RDFa in Drupal design camp presentation notes and download

Update: RDFa in Drupal presentation download.

Notes in preparation for, and in accompaniment to, my session RDFa in Drupal: What it means for D7 theming, how to add semantic goodness to D6, and why it matters at Drupal Design Camp Boston (in Cambridge).

Welcome to Cambridge for Design For Drupal Boston! For those of you who have traveled a ways to get here, Boston is just over the Charles river that way.

Now, if we had RDFa in Drupal today, we would know where we are.

In fact, with RDFa, the camp website could continue to say "Boston" while your calendar and map applications could be told the exact, correct location.


On October 14, 2008, RDFa became a web standard (a W3C recommendation) to embed RDF directly in XHTML. This serves to enable you -- and or more to the point, your favorite content management system -- to turn existing human-readable text into machine-readable data (without repeating content).

In many cases, it simply serves to give meaning to links. It's not just a connection, but a kind of connection (or in Boris Mann's food-obsessed terms, a flavor).

Licensed under a
   <a href="" rel="license">
     Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Licence</a>.

RDFa Screencast by bhuga / scor

* Overview of Semantic Web, Drupal, and RDFa (yes, we'll go over what the heck it is)

* How to add RDFa to your Drupal 6 site today

Drupal 6 upgrade with extra RDFa goodness by ekes of Iskra.

RDFaification of Drupal 6 by Shelley Powers. She is a technical powerhouse know even outside the Drupal bubble!

Enable RDFa usage with Drupal 6.x - Arto Bendikan increased the capabilities of his RDF module to aid the marking up with RDFa within node bodies.

RDF-ize your RSS feeds.

RDF External Vocabulary Mapper
This module provides a way to import external RDF ontologies into Drupal for use by other modules (RDF CCK, for one). For example, if you want to markup your event content using the RDF Calendar ontology, you can import it using this module, then it will be available to the RDF CCK module. Out of the box, this module pulls in the Dublin Core, Friend-of-a-Friend, and SIOC ontologies.

This module allows you to provide your content in RDF format. It provides a "node/[nid]/rdf" page for desired content types; it does not provide RDFa output without a patch to CCK. RDFCCK requires RDF, CCK, RDF External Vocabulary Mapper (Evoc), and SPARQL.

* Report-back from RDFa-in-core code sprint in Galway, Ireland this May

* How RDFa will and might affect theming (themers' thoughts requested!)

* What still needs to be done before code freeze


RDFa in Drupal - examples and use cases

Search issues for Drupal : RDF

RDFa: Add semantics from the ground up

RDFa: author and date on node and comment

A roadmap for RDFa in Drupal 7

State of the RDF in Drupal core after the code sprint

Half way through the RDF code sprint - Google Announces Support for RDFa

Allow more granular theming of drupal_render'ed elements

RDF in Drupal core code sprint


Practical Semantic Web and Why You Should Care - DrupalCon DC 2009

Linked Data - Connect Distributed Data across the Web

Drupal Voices 17: Boris Mann's Intro to the Semantic Web & Drupal

Drupal Voices 19: Ivan Labra on Semantic Web & Identity

Drupal Voices 18: Stéphane Corlosquet on the Semantic Web & Drupal

Wikipedia: SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language

The Political Importance

Beyond web 2.0 -- How RDFa will help to democratise data on the web


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RDFa Benefits

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