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Ubuntu Usability

  • The mouse should not disappear off the screen, ever. Makes it very hard to orient by zipping it to one corner, because it disappears. This is literally covered in usability 101 - buttons on the sides of a screen can get infinite size for free. (Note: current problems here may be the result of the dual monitor setup. #firstworldproblems)
  • Unity's start menu thing opens to cartoonishly big icons and font, but the default size for the rather important x (close) and expand buttons on the menu bar are miniscule.
  • Magic disappearing reappearing find-the-one-spot-it-works scrollbar is also too small.

My fault:

  • I am trying to triple-click to highlight things and it doesn't work.

Not Ubuntu's fault but i'm still suffering:

  • The Thinkpad 420 trackpad is pathetic compared to the one on my four year old Apple. It doesn't strike you immediately but it is smaller and much less precise. And no i don't know how to use the silly red button in the middle of my keyboard.
  • The arrow keys, while no smaller than on the Macbook, have two random other useless interfering keys built in. Most horribly, function up and down arrows no longer do page up / page down, which is instead way at the top of the keyboard.


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