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Adding third-party code to Agaric's core site repository: Print module's PDF functionality

At Administer › Site configuration › Printer-friendly pages, the PDF tab will tell you:

No PDF generation tool found! Please dowload a supported PHP PDF generation tool. Check this module's INSTALL.txt for more details.

Drush feature request: install a module (or theme) into an arbitrarily specified directory

The ability to use the Drush Package Manager (drush pm) to install a module in an arbitrarily specified directory doesn't presently exist.

Agaric wants current Songbird's mp3 player playlist on Drupal site

Agaric wants open source integration: today's itch, list current Songbird's current mp3 player playlist on Drupal site.

Songbird takes plugins. Drupal takes modules. Everything is open source free software. All we need is a little time and knowledge!


Community organizer, Statistician, Freelancer manager: roles at Agaric?

Who/how can we put in / create these roles at Agaric Design Collective?

Seth Godin suggests three jobs for amazing people for any company that works online:

Agaric wants a "Save and Add New" button for content types

Agaric wanted and now has happily found a way to submit a node and get the create new content form immediately.

And there is a module to do that:

(I recall I wanted it as a button to "save and add new" – I still think that would be a superior user interface.)

Considering Capistrano for Drupal site deployment

All you need is Capistrano and an account on the deploy machine. This can be used and extended to deploy to several servers (also at once), move databases around, etc. The gain is that you don't need to login to the server. We can talk about that interesting technique tomorrow.

A nice feature is the ability to roll back to an older version if something bad happens. If this happens during deploy it rolls back automatically.


Advanced Forum: module to consider later

For and indeed for any of our sites, current or future, with a forum:

To consider later:

More advanced forum look and functionality. As of this writing, Advanced Forum is in alpha for both Drupal 5 and 6.


Agaric wants Eclipse to flag the entire file prominently, not just a line, when it has a parse error

Agaric wants a plugin or something for eclipse that will make it very clear around the document that a fatal parse error has been identified somewhere in it— not just a mark on the side of the line with the problem. Too easy to miss.


PHP optimization question; move assignment operation so it only runs when necessary?

@TODO: See if this construct is the same in development versions of content.module and ask if it would not be more efficient to move the $node = $form['#node']; line inside the if statement (or simply replace $node in there with the longer version) and so save a PHP copy operation when it is not necessary.

Ask Agaric: Settings for a Drupal theme without requiring a module


I've been breaking my brain over some issue and I cant figure it out so I
figured I'd check with a fellow themer(s?)!

[Related d.o. thread: ]

What I'm basically trying to do is use drupal theme settings in a file
that is not processed by drupal, and its part of a theme. I also do not
want to use any modules with it because I dont want the theme to be
dependent on a special module :)

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