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Your mom likes IE6!

Your mom likes IE6. It is true. Most likely, it is because it is all she knows. So, to all the mom's out there, we love you and appreciate all you have done. We would just appreciate it more if you changed your browser and upgraded to Firefox. But, we would settle for IE8, even IE7.

Agaric wants Drupal to be able to print its structured data into beautiful documents

Said I, petulantly on instant message:

I want to do everything in Drupal. I want to do estimates by having each section a node with estimated hours and such, and then I want it to be able to print it out in one document and have it nicely formatted.

And I got the Drupal is a hammer speech.

Anyway, I still want it, but sadly no one has done it yet.

There are printer markup languages that are relatively straightforward, right? Would be really sweet to make Drupal output in LaTeX or whatever makes sense.

Agaric hereby claims the install* project namespace on for all modules that install and configure

So long as the best way to automate the setup of Drupal modules is in another module, we should claim a namespace for that. For modules not spaces and context, that namespace can be install* or install_*

What I most want this for right now is not for deploying a new site but for doing development work on a site. For instance, it would be fantastic to encode all of this setup in a module:

Decisionmaking API & Consensus Module, and bringing more people into funding Drupal

Posted to the Drupal consultant list:

One thing that frustrates me as a consultant is that for funding easily available to aggregated small-money people using Drupal for web sites, we could more than match the invaluable corporate and foundation contributions– but as yet, the key part - aggregating needs and funds - has not happened.

I'd very much like to see Sam Boyer's Decision-making API funded and built (approved by the community but unfortunately not ultimately by the Knight Foundation).

The Agaric Drupal Book

We are going to write a Drupal book, so we have to plan important stuff, like the title

Drupal: The Living Web

Building web sites for people

How to do Drupal sustainably

by the Agaric Collective
and friends

Special Treatment module for welcoming your web site guests coming from different incoming destinations

Special treatment will check where on the internet site visitors are coming from

What we do, is every time we leave a comment somewhere, that includes a link back to Agaric, we get that other sites' page's URI into the Related Content module.

Then when someone visits and we see the match, we say hello and offer up the content related to what they were just looking at! Instant custom landing page for everyone, organically.


Enterprise Resource Planning in Drupal?


legal billing - what is taxed

company pays for profit minus

buy Quickbooks and have it take care of it

keep track of billing accounts -- accounts receivable
even that might as well be in Quickbooks


how much can be [pushed off to Quickbooks]

have modules that are on the drupal

Build a billing system that we as a small company would have the data, responsible for what taxes go in what direction

all those rules are held as data on a server

simply access that data

Agaric wants Programmatic CCK field addition

When you add shared fields, CCK loads all the input widget and display formatter settings, which is awesome.

Agaric wants to go still farther in automation, and be able to add and update fields across multiple content types with a single form submission.


The secret plan to store configuration in files

There does not seem to be any discussion about a file-based approach to saving configuration information in Drupal. Agaric comes to this conclusion after extensive Googling (see the keyword details of this post; by the way, I can confirm that word order matters when doing Google searches, even in the absence of quotation marks).

Drupal Meetup Etiquette

I've been working with drupal and have been a part of the community for a fews years now. Although I may not be the most active member around, I have attended a decent amount of drupal meetups all over Massachusetts and New York City. I've seen what works, and I've seen what doesn't, the reason for this post is to state my opinion on what the purpose and goal of a meetup should be, and how it should be conducted.

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