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Agaric wants Drupal to do n/#nid and u/#uid paths so it would have pseudo short URLs

If Drupal provided n/ and u/ instead of or as an alternative to node/ and user/ it would create pseudo short URLs (like etc) by default.

That would be really cool.

Can't be too hard to add this to the menu system that tells all incoming requests where to go.


Art Head plan

Potential client with some great goals:

Hey Benjamin!

Thanks for the chat the other day - I feel much better about things now!

Here's a little write-up of what I need/want Art Head to do. I've also attached [copied below] my original Civic Space proposal, which has a lot of detail about the goals, users, tasks, and all that rot.

Also, you can read Mission and Goals of the project here:

Unuplugged: a Drupal offline synchronization module (idea)

Initial vision:


The Drupal synchronization module

The Drupal Synch module

  • knows that when it last synched you are at node 253, user 43, comment 422, etc...

Logs, configuration settings, installed modules etc. could - should - be one way, from the server to your offline Drupal.

offline to server and back

Drupal 6 dumps the sequences table: implications?

Drupal 6 has the database handle sequences. This may make it harder for Unplugged to do its thing.

Not really though.

File-based caching with PHP

File-based caching can also be cool. Jay Pipes:

I'd like to see if there are places it could help Drupal. The current preferred solution for high-performance Drupal, though, is memory caching:

An upgrade module proposal
Benjamin Melançon - Sat, 2007-12-15 11:55

Like everyone else using a lot of Drupal, I want sophisticated change management where we have:

Domain Thieves and Domain Leeches

Normally these classes of entities or people (allegedly) are called domain name squatters and domain farmers.

Squatting and farming are honorable, worthy pursuits however, so we need other words. (Agaric considered "domain poachers" but there's something of an honorable tradition of poaching on the King's land.)

With apologies to thieves and leeches (and the terms for these particularly obvious capitalist parasites are henceforth domain thieves and domain leeches-- stealing other people's domains

movie scene idea to go on power-to-exchange

on Power To Exchange
ben-agaric wants

a movie where a bank robber calmly quotes Seth Godin about the attention economy while brandishing a gun.

It's stuff like this that will make Community-Managed Taxonomy absolutely essential for PowerToExchange!

That and a decent rating system could make PowerToExchange a great spot for one-hit (or occasional hit) wonders.

Mass hosting and Drupal

If we go for all CivicSpace On Demand former customers, some background on their and other ways to do mass hosting:

(Nedjo, the initiator of the first two posts, is ex-CivicSpace, notably)


Virtual actions on WSF2008?

Agaric conclusion: using the same action spaces and actions -- meant to be located both in time and on a map -- for virtual actions is not a good idea.

"we are interested in creating something that will enable our members
around the world to participate virtually in the WSF 2008 day of action

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