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You need a hippy

You need someone who knows how to grow stuff. You need someone whose spent the last 40 years getting in touch with the earth.

You need a hippy.


Views calls to clear its own cache a little more often than it needs to

Views calls to clear its own cache a little more often than it needs to
Every time you visit the modules page, rather than just when you save it (which is also too often theoretically, but possibly)

Seems this could be made more precise.

Views module, starting line 21:

Greatest copy shot ever written, coming soon to Agaric

All great copy shots should:

Be five words in length.
Not mention the brand name.
Be declarative.
Be grammatically complete.
Be otherwise standard.
Contain alliteration, metaphor, or rhyme.

Box Burritos

In an astounding reversal, Agaric Design Collective has come out in favor of food patents.

The Agaric Box Burrito (patent pending) is a breakthrough in food enjoyment technology.

Six sides of tortilla wrap, laid out in "Make A Box" of Square One TV fame. What could be simpler?

Some dispute that this brilliant idea/discovery is the sole property of Dan Hakimzadeh. The event was prefaced by a strange occurrence that morning in which the growling stomachs of Benjamin Melançon and Mr. Hakimzadeh apparently communicated across the office.

Agaric's new SVN repository layout to play well with contributing to CVS

We need to keep track of our own modules.

Here's a plan:

  • Keep using trunk for development, with all the modules checked into it.
  • More importantly, use another directory for stable. We repeatedly tag/branch (same thing in SVN I think) out to stable, and stable can be directly checked out into an agaric directory within sites/all/modules.

Supposedly we can also check our modules in development directly to sites/specific/modules if we need to
use our modules before surely stable.

What Drupal Needs: Drush with Dependencies

Drupal needs smarter packaging scripts.

If you get a module that depends on another module, they should both be delivered to you (and so forth).

But to do this Drupal needs to know what's on your system, so you have to be initiating the transfer from within Drupal. Drush could do this fairly securely.

We need to encourage the lots of small modules approach that everyone loves from the development and extensibility side, but which the difficulty of developing, maintaining, and using can drag down.

Drupal jobs site; possible partner to PowerToDrupal

New Drupal developer website...

No Google ads yet! Agaric likes that!


Steal this Graphic promo image link functionality

It should take off on / live in

in #drupal i wrote:

@CCK_Extras - nice, eaton. Dan and I at agaric were just thinking about a textarea CCK field for 'steal this promo graphic' functionality. Now we have the base, and the home if anyone adds a 'steal this CCK image' display type -- image plus textarea with a link to it

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