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Drupal jobs site; possible partner to PowerToDrupal

New Drupal developer website...

No Google ads yet! Agaric likes that!


PowerToGNU: Linux and why free software hasn't given power to the people... yet

Con Kolivas has quit developing for the Linux kernel. He had made some very appreciated performance improvements for desktops, and quit because without a way to quantify these improvements in a test, they were not being accepted by the full-time developers, who are mostly employed by major users of Linux for giant servers.

This is an important point for every open source free software project, no matter how friendly we think we are:

Clean up an XHTML OpenOffice document for web publishing using RegEx

Preparing a document saved as XHTML from Open Office (StarOffice/OpenOffice format) for Drupal or other web site or wiki content management system.


Using SubEthaEdit in this case, but TextWrangler and any regular expression text editor aught to work (open source free software text editors recommended for Mac would be great to know, if you care to tell us).

Removing all the junk with extremely rudimentary regex skills:

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